About us

The 'Opera-House of the Nature' is a major classical music event, which will be held within frameworks of a three-day festival on 15-16-17 July, 2016. Our goal is to connect the quality culture with the healthy lifestyle as well as to familiarize the wonderful natural endowments, birds' world and fauna of the Lake Tisza with the domestic and international audience. Our Festival would not only serve the development of the Lake Tisza, and would not only contribute to the improved utilization of Eastern Hungary's accommodation capacities and further strengthen medicinal and wine-gastronomic supply options in the region, but would also position Hungary onto the map of enthusiast of a new and high quality culture. The idea champion of the initiative is Ildikó Debreczeni, costume designer, who has been the chief executive director of the Costume Art Kft (LLC) for 20 years. The main profile of the company is the production of opera costumes, the professional level of which has been increasing in the course of the past decades as a result of which the company has become the regular supplier of most Western European opera houses and theatres and thus has gained exceptional market knowledge and business promising relationships.

The project commenced with a corporate team-building tour in 2014, which was followed by numerous positive responses both from the participants and sponsors alike. The event was reported, among others, by the Echo TV in the programme of which a 25 minutes summary was broadcasted under the title "Countryside wants to live".  This first event, named as the Lake Tisza Bicycle Tour, was followed by the II. 'Tour D'Opera' Lake Tisza Bicycle Tour, a one-day bicycle programme held on 25 July, 2015. The success of the event is well proven by the fact that more than 30 different medias published and broadcasted interviews and reports, each of them positively appreciated our event. The II. 'Tour D'Opera' was a 67-kilometer bicycle tour along the Lake Tisza with 11 stops. At 11 mini concert altogether 87 artist entertained the more than 250 participants and brought them to the world of the opera, dance and chamber music. We consider as a great merit of the event that the settlements along the Lake Tisza were able to show their cultural and gastronomic values.